NOVE Caring Humans

Loving humanity is one of the symbolic meanings of the number nine, in Italian NOVE. We are individuals who dedicate ourselves to others and put into practice the concept of social responsibility, hence our name NOVE, Caring Humans.
Our vision is that of a world in which peace, justice, and respect for human rights prevail. It’s a world where every human being lives a dignified life, and the ecosystem is valued and protected.
We turn our words into action to achieve social inclusion by supporting individuals to overcome those barriers that hinder their full participation in political, economic, and social life. To this end, we are committed to improving the role of women in society, promoting diversity as a fundamental value and sharing knowledge with people everywhere.
Our organization is agile, capable of adapting and acting efficiently even in the most complex of scenarios. This is due to the competence of our staff and the extensive experience of our board members. They have been operating for years in the context of global development in various parts of the world.
We create and strengthen initiatives for sustainable socio-economic development, working with marginalized communities and people. We are committed to providing women with education, vocational training, and employment as part of a self-emancipation process. Eventually, they will be able to defend their rights and reinforce their role in society. Our projects strive to secure the physical and mental well-being of children, the most exposed and powerless. By using sport as a means of building self-esteem and overcoming social stigmas, disabled people are better integrated into their community. In humanitarian crises we deliver immediate assistance to the population, paving the way for a return to normality.
To optimize results and avoid replication, we collaborate with many national and international organizations with shared values and goals.
NOVE has been operating in Italy since its foundation in 2012, and in Afghanistan since 2013.
We have also conducted emergency interventions and run development projects in Greece, Syria and Ethiopia.

Members of NOVE

Members of NOVE

The Italian Team

The Afghan Team

For security reasons, we cannot mention the names of the NOVE headquarters staff in Kabul.

Organizational Documents

The association is registered with the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) under Decree n.2/2021 (list of non-profit entities) and the Afghan Ministry of the Economy.