NOVE, Caring Humans

We call ourselves NOVE (‘nine’) because the number symbolizes those who desire collective well-being. We are Caring Humans, holding other human beings dear to our hearts.

What we believe in

We believe in the inclusion of the whole society, in the strategic role of women in sustainable and responsible socio-economic development, in the value of diversity, in the sharing of knowledge, and in the creation of a network of solidarity without limitations.
We believe in the possibility of a peaceful and just world, with respect for the dignity and rights of every human being, and the safeguarding of the ecosystem and natural resources.

How we work

The experience gleaned by our members in various fields of international cooperation and our strongly motivated staff enable us to confront emergencies in real time and to successfully implement projects for socio-economic sustainable development. All our
activities favor those who often are more vulnerable, in particular women, children and people with disabilities. We work alongside other trusted organizations, and we limit costs and apply transparency in our operations.









Our Projects

Projects in which NOVE is involved

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Dignity - The Right to Exist

This project targets those deprived of the dignity to which every human being is entitled and those who are about to drown in the waves of one of the world's greatest humanitarian catastrophes.


This project is dedicated to 27 minors living in severe socio-economic hardship, including 5 with physical disabilities, and their families.

Caring for Women in Emergency (CWE)

CWE is the emergency program launched by NOVE contributing to the survival of women heads of households, their children and other people in a highly vulnerable state.

Gorse in the desert


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Press - Driving Change

A life lived for others

Members of NOVE

A life lived for others

Members of NOVE

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