Creative recycling to assist a small community of women,

Salerno, Italy. 2014-2016.

Direct beneficiaries: 20 women. The families of the apprentices, and the neighborhood community also benefited from this initiative.

For years NOVE supported the sewing laboratory of the Association ‘Sant’Andrea nell’Annunziatella’, committed to helping people in very vulnerable situations.
In 2013 we donated new machines and materials to the laboratory and offered sewing courses (basic and advanced levels) to 20 impoverished women, some of whom succeeded in earning an income. In 2015 and 2016 we donated more machines and financed an advanced course so as to make the products more competitive.
The project also proved to be generative as some of the women who completed the courses trained other women and set up a low-cost tailoring service for the community.

PARTNERS: Sant’Andrea nell'Annunziatella Association.