The dramatic consequences of the new Taliban edict prohibiting women from working for NGOs.

NOVE confirms its commitment in Afghanistan.

The Taliban emirate of Afghanistan has progressively denied women fundamental freedoms and rights, such as the right to attend universities and high schools. Other drastic restrictions mean that many support activities for Afghan women can only be carried out by female staff. However, the recent ban issued by the Afghan Ministry of Economy on NGOs employing women effectively prevents such support activities from being carried out as well.

This is a cruel decision which deprives a huge number of women the essential aid provided by non-governmental organisations. It also forces female NGO staff to stay at home and forego the salary on which their family's survival often depends.

As a result of the ban, NOVE has had to suspend some activities. However, it continues its other ones and is determined to maintain its commitment to the people of Afghanistan for as long as it can operate. It is monitoring the situation constantly and coordinating with ACBAR (the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief & Development).

The UN estimates that if the NGO veto remains in place, life-saving assistance in Afghanistan will be reduced by 50% and will exclude over 11.6 million women and girls. If its humanitarian partners decide to suspend all operations, life-saving assistance will be lacking for 23.7 million people.


December 29, 2022.