Italy, Rome. 2021- 2023

Beneficiaries: 90.

This project is dedicated to 27 minors living in severe socio-economic hardship, including 5 with physical disabilities, and their families. The beneficiaries are placed on a path to social inclusion by providing them with sports and other activities, including tutoring, health education and prevention, school support, parenting support and counteracting educational and digital poverty. Training and awareness-raising activities are also carried out in the target area.

NOVE focuses on psychological support and workshops on digital education and combating cyberbullying for young people and their parents.

PARTNERS: Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus, Federazione Italiana Sport Paralimpici e Sperimentali (FISPES), Il Ponte - Social Promotion Association.

DONORS: LG Investimenti Spa, Ri-Diamo Onlus, FIMA Immobiliare SRL, Associazione PIC.