Bread for Women (BfW)


Afghanistan, Kabul. 2023. Beneficiaries: more than 850 people, mostly women.

Bread for Women follows NOVE's efforts to provide emergency food aid and economic opportunities to Afghan women. Due to Taliban restrictions, today 80% of women no longer have sufficient means to survive. The growing economic crisis has caused a drastic increase in the prices of basic necessities. The combined effect of loss of income and increase in prices has made hunger a daily reality for many families, forced to feed themselves only with bread and tea. In these families, women are often the last to eat, if there is any food left for them.

The project restores local bakeries, making them efficient and sustainable. It supplies the raw materials for the production of bread and purchases a significant quantity, which in the start-up months it distributes free of charge to women heads of families in a state of extreme poverty. It also offers technical and accounting training to bakers, to enable them to continue their activities independently.

Bread for Women is a scalable model, designed to be scaled up and replicated across Afghanistan, creating positive economic impact on a large scale.

DONORS: Linda Norgrove Foundation, 8×1000 all’Unione Buddista Italiana, Uplift Afghanistan Fund.