1. We support women on their journey towards autonomy

We are present in Afghanistan, where in the past two years, women's rights have been completely abolished, and women have become victims of horrifying violence. They no longer have the right to study, move freely, speak openly, or participate in sports. We carry out education and vocational training projects to enable women to resist the increasingly harsh restrictions imposed by the Taliban.

2. We promote social inclusion through sports

In Italy, we combat invisibility through projects that promote social inclusion of minors through free sports activities, academic support, tackling educational and digital poverty, and providing support for parenting. In Afghanistan, we manage the ICRC Social Inclusion Program for the physical and social rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

3. We secure a future for orphaned children

We support the Kapisa orphanage to provide children without families with an alternative to street life and exploitation. It is a safe place where they can grow and continue their studies.

4. We promote the integration of refugees in Italy

We accompany refugees in Italy on their journey of socio-cultural and professional integration. Over 65% of the beneficiaries have already obtained university scholarships, internships, and qualified job placements.

5. We provide essential aid in emergencies

We address the emergency in Afghanistan by distributing food and providing healthcare assistance to thousands of people living in extreme poverty. We ensure the survival of women who are the heads of households and are struggling to feed their children. We also work to counteract distressing phenomena such as early marriages and the trafficking of girls to support the rest of the family.

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